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After I created the HOLOS design, I felt that people could wear this sacred geometric symbol, as Wearable Art. My design could only be produced by 3D printing, so I learned about 3D printing in metals and creates pendants, earrings, and small sculptures. The HOLOS design with its infinite spiraling torus geometry symbolizes our One Humanity. Each HOLOS is a sacred amulet and carries an intentional blessing for peace, love, and unity. To read more about HOLOS and the work that is unfolding around the power of this design, please visit the website HOLOSamulets.com  Scroll Down to see all available sculptures in this series.

HOLOS Display Metal Print
HOLOS Brass Pendant
HOLOS Copper Pendant
HOLOS Silver Pendant
HOLOS Platinum
HOLOS 14K Rose Gold Pendant
HOLOS Antique Bronze Pendant and Earrings
HOLOS Stainless Bronze Pendant
HOLOS Copper Pendant
HOLOS Silver Pendant and Earrings