Berman Sculpture

Brian Berman

Artist for Peace

Explore 8 Series of Sculptures

I am moving to Poland to work with the One Humanity Institute and I’m closing my shop and won’t be offering any of my artworks until settled in. You are welcome to contact me through my contact page. Thanks for your interest. Brian

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I AM Series

Sculptures which help connect with your inner peace. 

Genesis Series

This series is an exploration of  reconciliation and renewal. 

Balance Series

This series can help empower us to live in balance and harmony. 

Guardian Series

These are sculptures for healing and inner strength.

Seeds and Sprouts Series

Seeds of compassion sprout compassion. Sprouting peace for all humanity.

Enlighten Series

Light that nourishes all of life. Bringing enlightenment and consciousness into our lives. 

Portal Series

Enter, explore, and celebrate new beginnings. Are you willing to risk? Step through the portal now.

HOLOS Amulets

Amulets with the intention to protect, connect and enhance our feelings of Love, Peace, and Unity.

Brian’s Peace Building Through the Arts

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