I AM Series

I believe that peace comes from within, and I wanted to create sculptures which help connect people with their inner peace. I began with the lower case “i”, a head on a body as the form, then expanded in different shapes, styles and materials. We all have differences in our bodies, yet our I AM connects us with our True Nature which is One with all. May these sculptures connect with your I AM and your inner peace.

Genesis Series

The Genesis series began in 2005 as an exploration of forms dealing with reconciliation and renewal. As I contemplated the forms emerging in this series, I wanted to express the “Essence”, the most minimal form that captures the “Spirit of Creation”. What emerged was Genesis. This series marked a new beginning and direction in my sculpting, starting in stone and then including castings in bronze and then in glass.

Guardian Series

These sculptures are guardians and began early in my sculpting life as I was healing from a major loss and needed protection and inner strength. While in Germany after visiting a war memorial, I began sculpting a block of marble and split it into two pieces. I was wanting to create a sculpture for the protection of rights and liberties for all human beings. Once I completed The Guardian, I felt the protection and the joy of freedom to be myself. I then carved the second half into Harmony, symbolizing the harmonious good feelings I had once my rights and liberties are protected.

Balance Series

The Balance series can help empower us to live in balance and harmony. The first few sculptures which quickly found new homes, I titled Integration which emerged in response to the deep questions, “How can we all get along?” “How do I find balance in my life?” I combined stone colors, textures, and forms to represent the diversity of humanity. I sculpted forms nesting in balance to symbolize that we can live together with our differences as one human family. Finding balance is a constant theme in life, balancing the inner with the outer, balancing action and stillness.  

Seeds and Sprouts Series

This series began in response to the dark times of war after 9/11. It was a very challenging time for our country and my response was to carve sculptures of seeds and sprouts. Seeds of compassion will sprout compassion. My hope is that we all reach for the light of understanding each other. May we plant seeds of compassion in the garden of our hearts, sprouting loving kindness for all humanity.

Enlighten Series

This series is about the light which nourishes all of life. These sculptures are to help bring more light and consciousness into our lives. Honoring the importance of inner and outer light, my hope and dream is that we live in the light of our one shared humanity. I’ve also added a few additional sculptures in metal and stone, to also point to our state of Being.

Portal Series

This series symbolizes the portals presented to us in each moment. These sculptures are to help empower us with the strength and courage to step through, not knowing what is on the other side. The Peace Portal design is styled after the last character in the Greek alphabet, Omega. Its symbol is the end as well as the beginning of something new. May your life be a portal for peace.

HOLOS Amulets

HOLOS Amulets are produced using 3D metal printing technologies. They are produced as pendants, small sculptures and related jewelry. It is best to order online at Holosamulets.com

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